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VML Insurance Programs: Resources


VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) offers a variety of programs and resources designed to maximize members’ risk management efforts. They include:



Business Continuity Services

Provides generators, access to technology, office space, and Internet/phone connectivity for members in the event of a widespread or localized disaster, in addition to business continuity planning assistance.
Business Continuity brochure



Contract Review

VMLIP offers contract review to ensure that member contracts containing insurance requirements not only have the required insurance placement, but that member entities do not unintentionally waive rights or accept liability on behalf of another. This is offered at no cost. VMLIP can also assist with drafting contract language to ensure that contracts have the needed insurance requirements.



First-Fill Prescription Program

Provides payment for the first prescription(s) needed by an injured employee, ensuring they face no out-of-pocket expenses – even if the claim is later found to be non-compensable. Through workers’ compensation injured employees have access to more than 1,500 pharmacies throughout Virginia.
First FIll Prescription Program brochure



Lunchtime Learning Series

In addition to online training, VMLIP offers free webinars on safety, human resources and law enforcement subjects, saving members between $99 and $250 – the cost of an average webinar.



Multimedia Library

VMLIP’s Multimedia Library houses more than 500 safety videos, 30 modules, and numerous publications to assist members with conducting in-house training on a number of topics.




Provides access to a registered nurse 24/7/365 year to provide immediate medical advice following a workplace incident via a toll free number. Accident reports and claims are filed on behalf of the member through this service, helping to reduce claims costs. NT/24 brochure


Property Appraisals

VMLIP contracts for professional appraisals of all member locations valued over $1 million on a five-year basis at no charge to members with property coverage. In addition to providing building and contents values, appraisals also provide square footage, flood zone, and fire protection information.



Risk Management Grant Program

Each year VMLIP provides Risk Management Grant funding to members for the purchase of vital equipment and training to strengthen risk management programs. Members have utilized funding for the purchase of equipment such as law enforcement body cameras, warning buoys, lightning strike detectors, and more. To learn more about this program and apply for grants, click here.



Risk Management Guidelines (RMG)

The RMG assessment reviews members’ risk management initiatives, claims management, fleet safety, self-inspections, training attendance, safety awareness and more. Members who excel in the assessment receive a 5 percent premium credit.



Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP)

TULIP provides temporary insurance for use of government facilities by individuals and organizations not under the members’ insurance program.
TULIP brochure | TULIP How to Guide Request a Quote



VMLIP Online University

Provides online learning opportunities for member staff on a number of subjects from bloodborne pathogens to sexual harassment prevention, stress management, and more. Online training saves members’ up to 93 percent on costs compared to standard instructor-led courses/travel time.
Oniline University brochure



Where the Rubber Meets the Road (WTRMTR)

Provides “train-the-trainer” instruction to member trainers, certifying them to provide National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course (DDC-4) training to member drivers as part of developing a comprehensive defensive driving program. WTRMTR brochure