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Pooling Matters

Each quarter the Pooling Matters newsletter provides updates on VMLIP and offers seasonal and timely news and guidance on a number of issues affecting members. For more information on this publication contact: hcammarasana@vmlins.org.


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Press Releases/VMLIP Newsroom

For the latest news and multimedia offerings, visit the VML Insurance Programs' newsroom here. Interviews are available upon request. For additional story ideas and information, contact Hollie Cammarasana at (804) 237-7312 or: hcammarasana@vmlins.org.



Annual Reports



Audited Financial Statements





VML Insurance Programs (VMLIP) publishes brochures highlighting a number of coverages, products and services. All brochures are available below. If you would like to request brochures in print, please contact: hcammarasana@vmlins.org.


General Brochure

Safety Services

Human Resource Services

Communications Consulting

Property and Liability Coverage


Workers’ Compensation




Law Enforcement Matters

Each quarter the Law Enforcement Matters newsletter provides updates on current issues, court decisions, and changes in best practices relating to law enforcement. For more information on this publication contact: tbullock@vmlins.org.