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Register now for the 2015 Fall Workshops!

Registration is online now for the 2015 Fall Workshops. Topics include: Workplace Issues Regarding LGBT Workers; When Light Duty Becomes a Hardship - Terminating WC Employees; Property Appraisals - How They Work; and updates on programs such as the grant and Risk Management Guidelines assessment. Register here.

Join the "I Work Safe" campaign!

The National Safety Council has developed a new "What I Live For" campaign to recognize National Safety Month in 2015. Capitalizing on this idea, VML Insurance Programs is launching the "I Work Safe" campaign! Our safety staff have already compiled the reasons they work safe. Now you can too. Send your photograph, the reason you work safe, and a brief safety tip to: hcammarasana@vmlins.org.

See the National Safety Council campaign here. View our "I Work Safe" campaign messages here.

Pooling Matters online now

The summer edition of the Pooling Matters newsletter is online now. Featured in this issue: Risk Management Grant sees changes in 2015 - 2016 cycle; Join the "I Work Safe" campaign; UPdated FMLA forms are now online; 2015 renewal update; Portal support; VMLIP staff earn new credentials; and much more. View the newsletter online here

Lawn Mowing Safety

Tipping or losing control is a safety hazard for riding mower drivers. Taking steps to ensure safety during the heavy mowing season is essential. The National Safety Council has provided a five-minute safety talk that should be reviewed during the heavy mowing season. For example they recommend those on riding mowers should reduce speed before taking short turns; watch for dips, holes, bumps, and other items that may be obscured by grass; and to mow up and down - not across - when on slopes. Never leave a running mower unattended - or put your hands or feet near moving parts. For more tips, view the safety talk here

Heat Safety

Summer has only just officially begun and already temperatures in Virginia are reaching up to 100. For those working outdoors the heat can be potentially fatal. Risks from heat include heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps. The best way to avoid these illnesses is to limit exposure on hot days; drink plenty of fluids and avoid alcohol; wear lose, lightweight clothing; drink fruit juice or sports drinks; wear sunscreen; and avoid spending time outdoors during the hottest part of the day - typically 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. For tips on treating heat illnesses, click here.

Hampton Roads Regional Jail Authority awarded the Margaret A. Nichols Risk Management Leadership Award at 2015 Annual Meeting

The Hampton Roads Regional Jail Authority was awarded the Margaret A. Nichols Risk Management Leadership Award at the 2015 Annual Meeting held Friday, May 15. Additionally three VMLIP members received Risk Management Performance Awards and seven individuals took home Risk Management Excellence Awards. Read all about this year's winners on our blog! 

We want to feature you!

Does your entity have an antique, unique, or otherwise interesting insured property with VMLIP? We want to feature it! Send us photos of your unique facilities, autos, or other insured property and we may feature it on our website, Facebook, blog or Twitter pages! We’re looking for things like antique fire trucks, historical buildings, or unique pieces of art! E-mail them to: hcammarasana@vmlins.org.