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VMLIP 2016 Annual Report online now

The 2016 VMLIP Annual Report is now available online.This year the report focuses on redefining the "why" of choosing to purchase coverage through VMLIP by focusing on service. Whether it's our claims, safety, law enforcement, communications, human resources or member services staff, service is a hallmark of membership with VMLIP. Read more here.

Surge in Virginia job-related fatalities in 2016

According to the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (DOL), 29 Virginia workers have died of job-related injuries and illnesses through the end of July, 2016, compared to 31 deaths for all of 2015. The DOL has issued a public service announcement outlining tips for preventing fatalities and injuries. VML Insurance Programs urges all members to take action to promote safety in the workplace. For additional information and assistance, contact your entity's assigned safety services consultant.

Is your entity prepared for the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season?

The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season may be the most active since 2012. Is your entity prepared? VMLIP members have access to business continuity services through Agility Recovery. Prepare now utilizing many of their preparation tips and resources, such as on-demand webinars

Public operation of drones

Effective July 1, 2016, VMLIP will provide limited liability coverage for members operating unmanned aircraft systems, commonly referred to as drones. A detailed memo to members regarding this coverage, current laws, and risks of drone usage, is now available online.

Overtime regulations updated

The U.S. Department of Labor has updated overtime regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act - changing the salary threshold for non-exempt status and qualifying many employees for overtime. The rule sets the standard salary level at the 40th percentile of earnings of full-time salaried workers in the lowest-wage Census Region, currently the South, which is $913 per week, or $47,476 annually for a full-year worker. Learn more about it here.

We want to feature you!

Does your entity have an antique, unique, or otherwise interesting insured property with VMLIP? We want to feature it! Send us photos of your unique facilities, autos, or other insured property and we may feature it on our website, Facebook, blog or Twitter pages! We are looking for things like antique fire trucks, historical buildings, or unique pieces of art!